How was my Butter Made?

Even though we usually only get a couple different varieties of butter in North America, have you heard there are many different processes to make varieties of butter? Keep reading to find out the region where this delicious ingredient came from.

  • Cultured Cream Butter: There is always at the lowest end 82% fat in cultured cream butter, which is also known as European Style butter. European style butter is exceptional to bake with and spreads easily. It is cooked by allowing the microorganisms in milk to ferment which creates a sharp flavor that is mixed into the butter. It’s light yellow colored and rich in flavor.
  • Sweet Cream Butter: Sweet cream butter however, is made using fresh cream instead of the fermented cream that comes from cultured butter. The majority of the butters in North America are listed as sweet cream butter, since American dairy laws necessitate that butter is created with traditional butter.