Why Are There Different Kinds of Butter?

Though we generally only have a few different varieties of butter here in the US, did you know there are many different methods used to make varieties of butter? Read on to learn more about the region where this delicious ingredient hails from.

  • Cultured Cream Butter: Also named European Style butter, cultured cream butter contains at least 82% fat. European style butter is good for baking and is spreadable. It’s cooked by permitting the microorganisms in milk to ferment which makes a tangy taste that is mixed into the butter. It’s bright yellow in color and very flavorful.
  • Sweet Cream Butter: Sweet cream butter however, is made with fresh cream instead of the soured cream that cultured butter has. Almost all butters in North America are qualified as sweet cream butter, since dairy laws necessitate that butter is created with traditional butter.