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fresh coconut cream

Fresh Coconut Cream

Coconut Cream can substitute for whipped cream in many recipes. Although it’s a fat, it’s a raw one from a raw fruit, so it’s actually good for you.

1 coconut
1 hammer (to break open the coconut)
1 awl (to poke a hole in the coconut in
    order to drain the coconut water)
1 juicer

Make a small hole at the top of the coconut with the hammer and the awl. Drain the coconut water out of the coconut by placing the coconut upside down on top of a glass. The coconut water will drain out slowly, and it will look somewhat cloudy. The coconut water should taste sweet. If it doesn’t, it’s bad, and it means the rest of the coconut has gone bad too. In that case, you will need a new coconut.

If the coconut is fresh, this water is delicious and nutritious, and should be drunk immediately, or it loses freshness and nutrients.

Next, place the coconut in a bag. Using the hammer, break the coconut into small pieces. Make sure to separate the white coconut meat from the hard brown coconut shell.

Run the white coconut meat pieces through a juicer, using the "juice" plate with the tiny holes. The juicer will separate the coconut into shredded coconut and coconut cream.

Use the fresh cream immediately in recipes. Freeze remainder in an ice cube tray to use later. Also, freeze the shredded coconut in a container for use later.