The Reason Garlic is Good for Menopausal Women

Garlic is chock full of health benefits for everyone, and women in menopause can surely benefit from adding it to their diet. Garlic‘s main compound is named Allicin, which comes out of the garlic once it’s sliced or chopped. Allicin has abundant healthy properties that help to expand immunity and help overall health. Continue on reading to find out the reason garlic is important for menopausal women.

5 Great Reasons to Put Garlic in Your Diet

  1. Lowers Cholesterol — Since heart disease is one of the biggest diseases harming North American women, maintaining low cholesterol is important. Garlic has the ability to drop your LDL and increase your HDL. Garlic can also boost blood flow, which bring down your chance of stroke and heart disease.
  2. Prohibits Viruses — Garlic can help you not catch viruses and make sure you get better more rapidly from a cold you already have.
  3. Antimicrobial Benefits — Quite a few germs and viruses have evolved to become resistant to antibiotics, however Allicin has stayed the course. It can help help and prohibit fungus, bacteria and viruses of various types.
  4. Lowers Possibility of Blood Clots — Since garlic brings down LDL and increases circulation, it’s got the ability to lower the chance of ending up with a blood clot. Garlic is also well-known to help the walls of blood vessels and can drop a person’s blood pressure.
  5. Drops Inflammation — Chronic inflammation that originates from diseases like arthritis can be alleviated by using garlic. Some women in menopause may start to develop arthritis, and garlic can aid with the symptoms of it.

Start Eating!

In order to get the most out of your favorite root, it’s best to eat it raw. The only side effect that’s not appealing may be the smell, but luckily it tastes so savory and you can ward off vampires when necessary. Get some garlic on crusty bread with oil or consume some with a tall glass of water and get healthy!