Why Women Should Consume Garlic

The public has accepted the health benefits of garlic for thousands of years, and women can surely get healthier from eating it. Garlic contains Allicin, which comes out of the garlic once it’s chopped or minced. Allicin is composed of abundant healthy properties that help to expand immunity and promote overall well-being. Continue on reading to discover the reason garlic is important for women.

5 Great Reasons to Put Garlic in Your Diet

  1. Drops Your LDL — With heart disease being one of the highest killers of American women, sustaining low LDL cholesterol is important. Allicin has the ability to lower your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol. Garlic also can help circulation, and can drops the potential of stroke and heart disease.
  2. Prevents Illness — Future sicknesses and infections you already have can be avoided by eating raw garlic.
  3. Antimicrobial Properties — Lots of germs and viruses have evolved to be impervious to antibiotics, however garlic is still a great treatment. Garlic can help help and prohibit fungus, bacteria and viruses of many types.
  4. Drops Risk of Blood Clots — Because Allicin brings down bad cholesterol and improves circulation, it has the ability to decrease the risk of getting a blood clot. Allicin is also known to help the blood vessel walls and can lower a person’s blood pressure.
  5. Decreases A Body’s Inflammation — Chronic inflammation that stems from sicknesses like arthritis can be alleviated by using garlic. Some menopausal women may begin to get arthritis, and Allicin can aid with the symptoms of it.

Garlic is Great!

So you can end up with the most out of your favorite flavor, it’s best to eat it raw. The only unappealing effect is the smell, but luckily it tastes great and you can fend off vampires if necessary. Get a little garlic on toast with oil or eat some minced with water and sit back and reap the benefits!