Like Fresh Garlic? How to Pick the Best

We can’t imagine many meals garlic can’t improve. But when you go to the store, do you pick the bulk bulbs or purchase your garlic individually? The easiest method for getting fresh garlic is by buying individual bulbs so you can choose bulbs for their best traits. Unyielding bulbs usually hold the most zest, while smaller bulbs are usually older and less flavorful. If your meal calls for a certain amount of garlic, size isn’t important, but buy the densest bulbs you can find.

The Best way to Store Garlic

If you plan on buying fresh, whole bulbs of garlic from the supermarket, these can be stored for many months if they are stored in a dark area at room temperature. Keeping the bulbs in an area with little light will inhibit any sprouting of the bulb. It’s important to understand that once you separate the cloves from the bulb, its shelf-life diminishes. Additionally, placing the bulbs in an open container is optimal, or in a paper bag, styrofoam carton or mesh bag. Just take into account that there is suitable flow of dry air, then your garlic will stay fresh.

Garlic stays fresh when stored in an spot away from humidity and heat like a shelf or cupboard. Avoid keeping it in the refrigerator or freezer because this dims the potency. In addition, if garlic is refrigerated or kept in plastic bags, it has an increased chance of molding. Whole bulbs can stay fresh for a long duration. Older bulbs will form a bright green sprout out of the tip. The bulb is still okay to cook once you remove the shoot, but the taste could shift slightly.

When you’ve minced too much garlic for your cooking, you can keep the chopped up bits in a sealed container in your refrigerator. However, the sulfur compound, allicin, that’s so beneficial for our health diminishes within a few hours if it sits in its minced state, and the fridge will lessen the time even more. When you prefer to get the most health benefits from your refrigerated garlic, you should use it right away.

Using Garlic in Cooking

It’s frustrating peeling garlic sometimes. An easy shortcut to avoid the annoying aspect of using garlic is simply to soak the garlic for a couple of hours in water before you prepare the meal. This loosens the peel, allowing the wrapping to fall right off. This doesn’t lower or change the health benefits of garlic.

More About Garlic

Though many food lovers love garlic, it can be too much of it. Regardless of its nutritional benefits, garlic and other plants in the allium family can cause an allergic reaction for some people. While these plants are packed with vitamins and minerals, they can cause indigestion if eaten in large quantities. For garlic-loaded dishes, learn from Indian and Italian chefs and balance your dish with fennel seeds or fresh parsley. These herbs can fight garlic breath and other side effects.