Like Fresh Garlic? How to Pick the Best

Fresh garlic adds an aromatic flare to soups, bread dishes and snacks. But when you go to the grocery store, do you go for the bulk bulbs or purchase your garlic alone? The simplest method for getting garlic at its freshest is by purchasing individual bulbs so you can pick bulbs with the best traits. Unyielding bulbs typically have the most flavor, while smaller bulbs are typically weaker and shriveled. If your recipe asks for a certain amount of garlic, size isn’t important, but pick the densest bulbs available.

Store your Garlic Fresh

When you’re purchasing raw, whole bulbs of garlic from the grocery store, these can be stored for several months as long as they are placed in a dark area at room temperature. Storing it in a dark place will inhibit any sprouting of the bulb. It’s fundamental to know that when you pull out the cloves from the bulb, its lifetime lessens. In addition, placing the bulbs in an open container is ideal, or in a paper bag, styrofoam carton or mesh bag. Just take into account that there is decent circulation of dry air, then your cloves will stay fresh.

Pantries and shelves are the ideal spaces to keep garlic to keep it dry, cool and dark. Avoid saving it in the fridge or freezer because this dulls the flavor. Additionally, when garlic is refrigerated or stored in plastic bags, it‘s likely going to mold. Entire bulbs can last for a long period. Garlic bulbs sometimes grow a small shoot from the tip. The cloves are still fine to eat once you remove the shoot, but may bring out a stronger flavor.

When you’ve minced too much garlic for your recipe, you can keep the minced garlic in an air-tight container in your fridge. However, the active sulfur compound that’s extremely beneficial for us diminishes within a few hours when it sits in its chopped-up form, and the fridge will decrease the time more. When you want the maximum health benefits from your refrigerated cloves, you should eat it right away.

Cooking with Garlic

Preparing garlic can take too long. The best method for avoiding this pesky side of cooking with garlic is simply to soak the cloves for a couple of hours in water before you prepare the meal. Soaking it will loosen the skin and allows you to take the peel right off. This doesn’t reduce or remove the garlic’s benefits.

When Garlic Makes a Stink

While garlic is beneficial for most people, it can be too much of a good thing. Despite all its nutritional benefits, garlic and related vegetables like onions cause an allergic reaction for some people. However, overdoing the garlic and similar veggies can cause indigestion. For garlic-loaded dishes, take a note from Indian and Italian cooking and add fresh parsley or fennel seeds. Herbs like these will counteract bad breath and other side effects.