Enjoy Fresh Garlic? How to Pick the Best

Fresh garlic brings a flavorful flare to eggs, noodle dishes and snacks. When you’re in the grocery store, are you interested in the dice, fresh or packs of garlic? The most direct method for getting fresh garlic is by purchasing individual bulbs so you can pick bulbs with the best qualities. Solid bulbs often have the most zest, while smaller bulbs are often older and shriveled. If your recipe requests a designated amount of garlic, follow that. Otherwise, mass isn’t as important for garlic bulbs.

Storing Fresh Garlic

If you plan on buying raw, whole bulbs of garlic from the supermarket, these can be stored for many months if they are stored in a dark place at room temperature. Storing the bulbs in an area with little light will restrain any sprouting of the bulb. It’s important to understand that when you remove the cloves from the bulb, its lifetime lessens. Furthermore, placing the bulbs in an open container is ideal, or in a paper bag, cardboard carton or mesh bag. Just take into account that there is decent circulation of dry air, then you‘re good to go.

Cupboards and cabinets are ideal for storing garlic to keep it dry, cool and dark. Avoid keeping it in the refrigerator or freezer because this dims the flavor. Furthermore, when garlic is put in the fridge or kept in plastic bags, it‘s prone to mold. Whole bulbs can last for several months. Occasionally, a small sprout will form from the top of the garlic. The bulb is still fine to eat once you remove the sprout, but may bring out a more robust taste.

For those times that you chopped up too much garlic for your cooking, you can store the chopped up bits in a sealed container in your refrigerator. However, the active sulfur compound that’s extremely beneficial for us diminishes within a few hours when it sits in its chopped-up state, and refrigeration will lessen the time even more. If you want the maximum health benefits from your refrigerated garlic, you should use it as soon as possible.

Prepping the Garlic

Preparing garlic can take a long time. The best way to avoid the worst aspect of using garlic is simply to soak the garlic for an hour or two in water before you start cooking. Soaking it loosens the skin and allows you to take the skin off more easily. This doesn’t reduce or change the garlic’s benefits.

Garlic Allergies, Side Effects & Fixes

Though many food lovers love garlic, you can have too much of it. Despite all its nutritional benefits, garlic and similar plants like chives generate allergic reactions for some people. However, overdoing the garlic or onions can cause indigestion. For garlic-heavy dishes, learn from Indian and Italian cooking and add fennel seeds or fresh parsley. Herbs like these will mask garlic breath and other side effects.