Eat Garlic to Increase Your Metabolism

If you’re hoping to find a delicious way to increase your body’s metabolism, look no further! A healthy approach to boost your metabolism is by consuming garlic, and if you consume it as an addition to regular exercise, it works great. Just adding a little extra garlic to your meal may not speed up your metabolism but eating garlic regularly makes a difference.

Why Does it Work?

Garlic burns calories because it makes your body produce heat, which is why it is called a thermogenic food. Thermogenic foods cause your body to generate heat, which takes energy, and gets your body to work off calories. When consumed raw, garlic’s main enzyme, allicin, has attributes which help drop your LDL, increase good cholesterol and maintains a healthy blood pressure.

When you combine garlic with a calorie-burning exercise regimen and healthy diet, you can start to reap the rewards. The mix of working out and eating garlic limits visceral fat growth, which is the dangerous fat which encompasses your organs. In addition to the calorie-burning benefits, garlic is good for your heart. Garlic makes sure your arteries are free of plaque, and it maintains cholesterol and blood pressure. Your body works better when your heart is healthy and it will be easier to boost your metabolic rate.

Ways to Get Garlic into Your Food

Even though you can mince garlic and eat it when it’s raw, you might get some ripe breath. A good way to get garlic into your diet is to add it to dressings and oils. Dips like baba ghanoush, hummus and tzatziki are also delicious ways to put garlic into your diet. Read our recipes to discover some more tasty methods to eat garlic and increase your metabolic rate!