What are Antioxidants?

The word “antioxidants” is common in health blogs, but do you know what they do? Though oxygen intake is most of breathing, oxidization is much different. Oxidization occurs around the body as you grow older. As you breathe in oxygen, you also bring in free radicals, free-floating atoms that speed up aging. While free radicals are a natural part of life, regular habits like smoking, drinking and pollution can boost the number of free radicals in your body.

How Garlic Combats Disease

Essentially, free radicals are loose particles looking for a bond. When these particles enter the body, they block beneficial compounds from feeding your cells. Antioxidants act as a partner for these loose particles, linking with them instead of your body. Foods with lots of antioxidants can improve your cellular health, impede the effects of aging and even improve skin.

What Foods have Antioxidants?

Allicin, a chemical in garlic is to blame for its famous taste and smell, it is additionally a powerful antioxidant. Aged garlic extract (AGE) slows cell oxidation as well as inhibits multistep carcinogenesis. It has also been known to protect the brain from cognitive loss in the brain, and extends your life.

Other sources of antioxidants include dark chocolate, artichokes and kidney beans.

How to Get More Garlic

The good news is, adding garlic to your diet is simple. Add a little splash of garlic to noodles, bread or veggies with garlic butter.