Garlic is Full of Antioxidants

The word “antioxidants” gets thrown around a lot in stores, but what does it mean? Though oxygen intake is half of the breathing process, oxidization is a harmful part of aging. Oxidization occurs throughout the body as you grow older. Anything you breathe or eat gets processed in your cells on an anatomical scale. Free radicals are atoms without anything else to bond to and slowly harm your cells which shows as aging. While you can fight free radicals with antioxidants, but there are a few bad habits that boost their number in your body such as tobacco use, alcohol consumption or exposure to airborne toxins.

Free Radicals vs. Antioxidants

Basically, free radicals are loose particles without a molecule to bond with. When these particles enter the body, they prevent beneficial compounds from entering your cells. Rather than letting free radicals to pair with your body, antioxidants bond with them, so nutrients to reach your body instead. There are many foods rich in antioxidants that can keep you healthy, slow the effects of aging and even prevent diseases like stroke.

Adding Antioxidants to your Diet

Garlic is used for its strong smell and flavor, but the same chemical is also a strong antioxidant. With a boost of aged garlic extract, you can prevent cell oxidation as well as inhibits multistep carcinogenesis. An extra dose of garlic, you can avoid motor and neuron loss and prolong your life.

Other antioxidant-rich foods include goji berries, pecans and kidney beans.

Boost your Garlic Intake

The good news is, garlic is easy to come by in supplements. Add a simple splash of garlic to noodles, toast or vegetables with garlic butter.