Garlic is Full of Antioxidants

You may have seen the phrase “antioxidants” in your local supermarket, but do you know what they are? Obviously, oxygen intake is most of breathing, oxidization takes place on a molecular level. Oxidization is a normal progression that eats at your body’s cells slowly. Everything you breathe or eat is processed in your body on an anatomical level. Free radicals are atoms without other things to bond to and can damage your cells which shows as aging. While you can fight free radicals with lots of antioxidants, but there are a few bad habits that boost their number in your body such as tobacco use, drinking alcohol or breathing in airborne toxins.

How Garlic Helps Fight Free Radicals

Essentially, free radicals are loose particles that remain unbonded to a molecule. When free radicals bond to your cells, they interfere with other compounds that help your health. Instead of allowing free radicals to bond with your cells, antioxidants intercept them, so nutrients to reach your cells instead. Foods with lots of antioxidants can improve your cellular health, impede the aging process and even prevent diseases like stroke.

Adding Antioxidants to your Diet

One of garlic’s active compounds allicin doesn’t just contribute its signature taste and smell, it is additionally a strong antioxidant. With a boost of aged garlic extract, you can prevent cell oxidation as well as inhibits multistep carcinogenesis. With the help of garlic, you can prevent motor and neuron loss and add years to your life.

Goji berries, dark chocolate, kidney beans and cranberries are also delicious sources of antioxidants.

Adding Garlic to Your Diet

Servings of garlic are commonly found in stores and you can use plenty of garlic-heavy recipes in Asian and Italian cooking. You can also add a simple splash of garlic to noodles, toast or veggies with garlic butter.