Will Garlic Improve Your Ability to Fight Disease?

When you use garlic in soup or pasta, you’re getting more than a tasty meal – you’re boosting your immunity. Full of antioxidants and allicin, fresh garlic removes free radicals and the buildup of pathogens. While you can buy garlic tablets at your local grocery store, taking garlic with hot water to make tea or adding fresh cloves to your meal can prevent colds and even heart disease.

Studying Garlic’s Immunity Properties

A 12-week study of 140 randomized subjects confirmed that garlic has an adverse effect on the common cold. In fact, colds were reduced by over 60% in the subjects who had an increase of garlic in their diet. This group reported feeling fewer, less severe symptoms and colds that lasted less time.

The placebo group recorded worsening symptoms in their daily diaries. Over the course of the study, this group also reported illness for longer periods. Similar experiments suggest that doubling garlic in your diet can drop sick days by 61%.

Centuries of Curative Properties

In test tubes, garlic appeared to kill cancer cells, roundworms and could even hold off colon cancer. In ancient Egypt, garlic was a cold medicine and stimulant for partners while those fighting in both world wars used garlic to combat gangrene.

Garlic is an amazing plant that is great for your food and body. So if you feel sickness is around the corner, use the garlic!