Does Garlic Boost Your Ability to Fight Disease?

When you start cooking a soup with garlic or add in some extra to your noodle dishes, you’re making more than a delicious dinner – you’re boosting your immunity. Full of antioxidants and allicin, raw garlic neutralizes free radicals and sickness-causing pathogens. While you can find allicin capsules at your local grocery market, soaking garlic with hot water to make tea or including cloves in your meal can combat colds and even cancer.

Proving the Immunity Properties of Garlic

One 12-week study of 140 randomly selected subjects confirmed that allicin supplements has an adverse effect on the common cold. In this study, cases of illness decreased by more than half of the subjects who received garlic. Their symptoms were also less debilitating and lasted for less time.

The placebo group recorded worse symptoms in their journals. During the study, these subjects claimed to experience longer periods of sickness. Similar studies have shown that doubling garlic in your diet can lower sick days by 61%.

Additional uses for Garlic

Garlic has done other incredible feats under controlled circumstances. For centuries outside of the lab, garlic has been used as a medicine for colds and even an aphrodisiac while more recently it was a way to combat gangrene in WWI and WWII.

Garlic is an incredible herb that makes your food and body better. When you want to avoid getting sick or lower the severity of your sickness, boost your garlic intake or use supplements in order to combat the colds and flu.