Garlic & Your Immune System

When you use garlic in soup or pasta, you’re doing more than feeding yourself – you’re boosting your body’s ability to fight disease. Full of allicin and antioxidants, fresh garlic eliminates free radicals and the buildup of pathogens. You can purchase allicin capsules at a nearby grocery store, taking garlic with hot water to make tea or including cloves in your meal can prevent colds and even cancer.

Studying Garlic’s Immunity Properties

A study using over 100 subjects for three months confirmed claims that garlic supplements can prevent the common cold. The subjects who took garlic logged a 60 percent decrease in cold side effects. The subjects who received garlic supplements had less intense colds for less time.

The placebo group reported worsening symptoms in their journals. During the time the study was conducted, these subjects recorded longer stretches of illness. A similar experiment suggested that you can drop your sick days by 61% by doubling the amount of garlic in your diet.

Garlic as Medicine

In laboratory conditions, garlic seemed to destroy roundworms, cancer cells and could even hold off heart disease. For centuries outside of the lab, garlic has been used as a medicine for colds and sometimes stimulant between partners while in modern times it was a way to combat gangrene in WWI and WWII.

Garlic helps your body and your food. When you want to avoid getting sick or lower the severity of your illness, add garlic to your diet or take a supplement in order to fight the colds and flu.