Garlic & Your Immune System

When you start cooking a soup with garlic or throw in some more to your spaghetti sauce, you’re getting more than a delicious dinner – you’re giving your health a boost. Packed with allicin and antioxidants, fresh garlic eliminates harmful free radicals and the buildup of toxins. There are different ways to get health benefits from garlic such as tea made of garlic, including fresh in meals or with garlic supplements.

Studies on Garlic’s Healing Properties

A 12-week study of 140 randomly selected volunteers confirmed that allicin supplements has an adverse effect on the common cold. The volunteers who took garlic reported a 60 percent decrease in their cold symptoms. The volunteers who took garlic supplements had less intense symptoms for roughly a day and a half.

Compared to their garlic-eating counterparts, the placebo group reported harsher symptoms in their daily diary. On average, these symptoms endured for over five days and came back more often in the late fall to the end of winter when the survey was concluded. Similar studies suggest that doubling servings of garlic can reduce sick days by 61%.

Additional uses for Garlic

In laboratory conditions, garlic seemed to eliminate roundworms, cancer cells and may even slow down heart disease. In ancient Egypt, garlic was a treatment for colds as well as an aphrodisiac while soldiers during both world wars used garlic to fight gangrene.

Garlic does good for your body as well as your food. When you want to avoid getting sick or decrease the severity of your illness, boost your garlic intake or take a garlic capsule in order to ward off the common cold or winter flu.