Garlic & Your Immune System

If you begin cooking a soup with garlic or add in some extra to your pasta, you’re getting more than a delicious dish – you’re boosting your immunity. Packed with allicin and antioxidants, fresh garlic removes harmful free radicals and sickness-causing toxins. It’s easy to get health benefits from garlic such as garlic tea, added fresh in food or with allicin supplements.

Studying the Healing Properties of Garlic

One study used 140 subjects for three months backed claims that increased amounts of garlic in your diet can combat illness. In this study, cases of illness decreased by more than 60% in the subjects who received garlic. They reported feeling a decrease in side effects severity and felt sick for less time.

The alternative collection of subjects took a placebo and reported more intense side effects in their daily diary. Generally, these symptoms endured for longer periods of time and came back more frequently during the late fall to the end of winter when the subjects were surveyed. Similar experiments suggest that doubling servings of garlic can reduce sick days by 61%.

Centuries of Curative Properties

In lab tests, garlic seemed to destroy roundworms, cancer cells and could even reduce the risk of colon cancer. For centuries outside of the lab, it’s been used as a medicine for the common cold and occasionally as stimulant between partners while in modern times it was a way to combat gangrene in WWI and WWII.

Garlic is an incredible herb that improves your food and body better. When you feel like you’re getting sick or soothe the severity of your illness, add garlic to your meals or use supplements in order to combat the colds and flu.