Garlic & Your Immune System

When you add garlic to stir fry or curry, you’re making more than a delicious meal – you’re improving your ability to fight disease. Packed with allicin and antioxidants, fresh garlic removes free radicals and the buildup of toxins. There are many ways to get health benefits from garlic such as garlic tea, added fresh in meals or by taking garlic supplements.

Studies on Garlic’s Healing Properties

One 12-week study of 140 randomized subjects indicated that allicin supplements has an adverse effect on the common cold. In this study, colds dropped by more than half of the subjects who increased their garlic intake. This group reported feeling a decrease in symptom severity and felt sick for less time.

The second collection of subjects received a placebo and recorded worse side effects in their daily diary. On average, their cold stayed for longer periods of time and came back more often in the months of November to February when the survey was concluded. Other experiments suggest that doubling servings of garlic can reduce sick days by 61%.

Centuries of Curative Properties

In laboratory conditions, garlic appeared to eliminate cancer cells, roundworms and may even hold off stomach cancer. For centuries outside of the lab, it’s been used as a medicine for the common cold and occasionally as stimulant between partners well as a way to combat gangrene in the world wars.

Garlic improves your body as well as your meals. So next time you feel sickness is around the corner, get the garlic!