Garlic & Your Immune System

If you start cooking a dish with garlic or add in some extra to your spaghetti sauce, you’re getting more than a delicious dinner – you’re improving your immunity. Packed with antioxidants and allicin, raw garlic neutralizes harmful free radicals and sickness-causing pathogens. While you can find allicin capsules at a nearby grocery market, steeping garlic with hot water to make tea or including cloves in your food can have many benefits for your health.

Proving the Healing Properties of Garlic

One study used 140 subjects for three months backed claims that allicin supplements can combat illness. In this study, colds were reduced by over 60% in the subjects who received garlic. The subjects who consumed garlic supplements had less intense symptoms for around a day and a half.

The other collection of subjects consumed a placebo and recorded worse symptoms in their daily diary. Over the course of the study, these subjects claimed to experience longer periods of illness. A parallel study reported that you can drop your number of by 61% by doubling your dosage of garlic.

Other Benefits of Garlic

In laboratory conditions, garlic appeared to eliminate cancer cells, roundworms and could even reduce the risk of heart disease. In ancient times, garlic was a cold medicine and an aphrodisiac while those fighting in both world wars treated gangrene with garlic.

Garlic is an incredible plant that improves your food and body better. So next time you feel the common cold approaching, use the garlic!