Garlic & Your Immune System

When you start cooking a dish with garlic or throw in some more to your noodle dishes, you’re doing more than making dinner – you’re boosting your disease fighting abilities. Packed with antioxidants and allicin, fresh garlic eliminates harmful free radicals and the buildup of toxins. There are different ways to get health benefits from garlic such as garlic tea, added cloves in meals or with garlic supplements.

Science Examines Garlic’s Immunity Properties

A 12-week study of 140 randomized subjects indicated that allicin supplements has an adverse effect on the common cold. The subjects who took garlic on average saw over a 50% drop in cold side effects. Their side effects were also less severe and lasted for shorter amounts of time.

The placebo group recorded worsening side effects in their journals. On average, these symptoms endured for over five days and returned more frequently in the months of November to February when the subjects were surveyed. A similar study reported that doubling the serving of garlic dropped the amount of sick days by 61%.

Centuries of Curative Properties

Garlic can do lots of incredible things under controlled circumstances. For centuries outside of the lab, it’s been used to fight colds and even an aphrodisiac well as a method for warding off gangrene in WWI and WWII.

Garlic improves your body and your food. So next time you think sickness is around the corner, find the garlic!