Will Garlic Fight the Common Cold?

When you start cooking a dish with garlic or add in some extra to your noodle dishes, you’re doing more than making dinner – you’re giving your health a boost. Full of allicin and antioxidants, fresh garlic removes harmful free radicals and the buildup of pathogens. It’s easy to get an immunity boost from garlic like tea made of garlic, adding cloves in food or with allicin tablets.

Proving Garlic’s Immunity Properties

One study used over 100 subjects for three months confirmed claims that increased amounts of garlic in your diet can combat the common cold. The subjects who consumed garlic logged over a 50% drop in cold side effects. The subjects who received the garlic capsule had less severe symptoms for roughly 1.5 days.

The other group used a placebo and recorded more intense symptoms in their journal. Generally, their cold endured for longer periods of time and occurred more frequently during the months of November to February when the subjects were surveyed. Additional studies suggest that doubling garlic in your diet can drop sick days by 61%.

Additional Benefits of Garlic

In laboratory conditions, garlic seemed to destroy roundworms, cancer cells and could even slow down heart disease. In ancient Egypt, garlic was a treatment for colds as well as an aphrodisiac while soldiers during WWI and WWII fought gangrene with garlic.

Garlic improves your body and your meals. So when you think the common cold approaching, get the garlic!