Can Garlic Fight the Flu?

Next time you start cooking a dish with garlic or add in some extra to your spaghetti sauce, you’re making more than a tasty dinner – you’re improving your immunity. Full of allicin and antioxidants, raw garlic eliminates harmful free radicals and sickness-causing pathogens. While you can find garlic supplements at your local health food store, steeping garlic with hot water to make tea or adding fresh cloves to your dishes can have many benefits for your health.

Proving Garlic’s Healing Properties

A study using 140 volunteers for 12 weeks confirmed claims that allicin supplements can prevent illness. In this study, colds were reduced by over 60% in the volunteers who increased their garlic intake. This group recorded fewer, less severe symptoms and felt sick for less time.

The placebo subjects reported worse side effects in their journals. During the time the study was conducted, these subjects reported longer stretches of sickness. A parallel study reported that you can drop your sick days by 61% by doubling your dosage of garlic.

Centuries of Curative Properties

Garlic has done lots of amazing feats under laboratory conditions. Since ancient times, garlic has been used to fight colds and occasionally as an aphrodisiac well as a way to combat gangrene in the world wars.

Garlic helps your body as well as your food. So when you feel sickness is around the corner, get the garlic!