Will Garlic Improve Your Ability to Fight Disease?

When you start cooking a dish with garlic or add in some more to your noodle dishes, you’re doing more than making a meal – you’re giving your health a boost. Packed with allicin and antioxidants, raw garlic removes free radicals and the buildup of pathogens. While you can find allicin supplements at your local grocery store, taking garlic with hot water to make tea or including cloves in your dinner can prevent the flu and even cancer.

Studies on Garlic’s Healing Properties

A three month long study of 140 randomly selected subjects indicated that garlic has an adverse effect on the common cold. The subjects who consumed garlic logged a 60 percent decrease in their cold symptoms. The subjects who took the garlic capsule had less severe symptoms for around a day and a half.

The placebo group recorded worsening side effects in their daily diaries. On average, their cold endured for longer periods of time and occurred more often during the months of November to February when the subjects were surveyed. A parallel study claimed that doubling the serving of garlic lowered the number of sick days by another 61%.

Additional uses for Garlic

In lab tests, garlic appeared to eliminate roundworms, cancer cells and may even slow down stomach cancer. Since ancient times, garlic has been used as a medicine for colds and sometimes an aphrodisiac well as a way to combat gangrene in WWI and WWII.

Garlic improves your body and your food. When you feel like you’re catching a cold or soothe the intensity of your sickness, boost your garlic intake or take a supplement in order to combat the colds and flu.