Garlic & Your Immune System

When you add garlic to soup or curry, you’re making more than a tasty meal – you’re giving your immune system a boost. Full of antioxidants and allicin, fresh garlic eliminates free radicals and sickness-causing pathogens. You can find garlic capsules at your local health food market, soaking garlic with hot water to make tea or including cloves in your dishes can prevent the flu and even heart disease.

Studies on Garlic’s Healing Properties

One 12-week study of 140 randomized volunteers showed that garlic can dim side effects of the common cold. The volunteers who took garlic reported a 60 percent decrease in their cold symptoms. The volunteers who received garlic supplements had less severe symptoms for around 1.5 days.

The placebo group recorded worsening side effects in their journals. Generally, these symptoms stayed for longer periods of time and returned more often between the months of November to February when the survey was concluded. A parallel experiment reported that you can drop your sick days by 61% by doubling the amount of garlic in your diet.

Additional uses for Garlic

Garlic can do lots of amazing things under laboratory conditions. In ancient Egypt, garlic was a cold medicine and stimulant for partners while soldiers during both world wars used garlic to prevent gangrene.

Garlic helps your body and your food. So next time you think the common cold coming, get the garlic!