Garlic – the Perfect Herb to Combat High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

Garlic has achieved much praise and recognition for its treatment and for putting a stop to heart-related disease. Consuming garlic has been confirmed in the scientific world to have a positive influence on reducing blood pressure. Between the years of 1979 and 2013, there has been clinical research demonstrating that more than 80% of individuals who endured hypertension were able to reduce it through garlic.

A few studies have illustrated the potentials of garlic on blood pressure. During one research, 47 patients with hypertension had a significant reduction while taking garlic. Another study revealed positive results in patients who took 200 mg of garlic powder thrice in one day had a great decline of diastolic blood pressure. A great thing about garlic is that it’s raw and natural, and it doesn’t have the adverse effects that other medicines have on the body.

Since heart disease is the cause of death for hundreds of thousands of individuals annually, this is a cheap addition to your diet that may help with hypertension. If you don’t want to get rid of meat and fat-heavy or fried foods, putting some garlic in the meal will at least work against some of the low-density fats you are adding to your body.

It’s all about the Chemistry – How Garlic Enhances Health

Garlic gets its noticeable smell from an enzyme known as alliinase, and a chemical reaction occurs when the garlic clove is cut or sliced and exposed to oxygen, heat and water. The alliinase converts alliin into allicin, and it’s the allicin that is so good for our bodies. One thing to keep in mind is raw garlic has the most amount of allicin. When garlic is cooked the allicin is lessened. So to take advantage of your garlic, you’ll want to consume it raw.

There are some implications on why garlic is a natural way to reduce high blood pressure, but researchers don’t have concrete evidence to fully explain why. One assumption is that garlic boosts the dilation of the blood vessels, and another is that garlic stops the digestive system from converting fat into cholesterol. Even though it isn’t fully verified, we do understand that garlic does provide our bodies a benefit.

It’s feasible to reduce hypertension by consuming one-half to one full clove of garlic daily. If you wish to add it to your cooked foods, crush it, smash it or chop it on the side and let it stand for 10 minutes. Afterward you can add it to your sauteed veggies and your grilled meats. But before you do, talk to your physician or dietitian prior to altering your diet. Consuming an excess amount of garlic can have undesirable effects, especially for those on certain types of medications.