The Wonderful Chemical Properties in Garlic – Reduce Your High Blood Pressure

The consumption of garlic has been verified as a powerful agent when it comes to treating various health complications. One of the various health complications garlic is known to fight is high blood pressure, and it’s a natural herb for blood pressure. Clinical research has been done through a few decades from 1979 and 2013. During this period, research was showing that more than 80% of individuals with high blood pressure were able to decrease it with the use of garlic.

An analysis examining the outcomes of garlic on 47 patients who experienced high blood pressure found that garlic lowered their blood pressure significantly. One of the positive things of garlic is that it is raw and natural and does not have the adverse effects that other medicines have on your body. Similar research, in which patients took 200 mg of garlic powder three times daily, had a decrease of diastolic blood pressure.

As cardiovascular disease is the cause of death for hundreds of thousands of individuals annually, this is a cheap addition to your diet that may help with high blood pressure. If you don’t want to get rid of meat and fried or fat-heavy foods, adding garlic to the dish will at least lower some of the low-density fats you are adding to your body.

How Does Garlic Decrease High Blood Pressure?

The secret to garlic is its sulfuric properties, such as allicin, diallyl disulfide and diallyl trisulfide. The aroma that everyone recognizes is caused by the allicin, which is stimulated when the garlic is exposed to water or oxygen. So when you break, scrape, chop or bite raw garlic, the enzyme called alliinase is released. It’s worthy to keep in mind that raw garlic has the most allicin. The amount of allicin will lessen when there’s too much heat, so to take advantage of the garlic, leave it raw.

The interesting thing is not many researchers know exactly why garlic is a natural way to reduce blood pressure. Some of the research conducted hints that garlic raises the dilation of the blood vessels. Others imply that garlic can halt the digestive system from converting fat into cholesterol. Whatever the situation is, garlic is producing some positive results.

It’s possible to reduce your blood pressure by consuming one-half to one full clove of garlic once a day. If you wish to put it in your cooked foods, break it, smash it or chop it off to the side and let it stand for 10 minutes. Afterward you can put it in your cooked vegetables and meats. But before you begin adding an excessive amount of garlic, talk to your physician or dietitian before making drastic changes to your diet. Eating an excess amount of garlic can have undesirable effects, especially for those on certain types of prescriptions.