Prevent High Blood Pressure through the Use of Garlic

Garlic has attained much acclaim and approval for its medicinal purposes and for putting a stop to heart-related disease. Garlic consumption has been determined in the scientific world to have a positive influence on lowering hypertension. Through the years of 1979 and 2013, there has been clinical research showing that more than 80% of individuals who endured hypertension were able to lower it through garlic.

An investigation studying the effects of garlic on 47 patients who experienced high blood pressure discovered that garlic decreased their blood pressure significantly. One of the positive aspects of garlic is that it is raw and natural and does not have the detrimental impacts that other medicines have on your body. Additional studies, in which patients have taken 200 mg of garlic powder three times daily, enjoyed a reduction of diastolic blood pressure.

Garlic is an inexpensive way to help fight hypertension, and this is vital because cardiovascular diseases are a common cause of death worldwide. Adding garlic to your veggies and meats is simple and effective, and you should definitely consider it if you don’t want to cut out fat-heavy foods. The garlic will help reduce some of the low-density fats.

What’s in Garlic that Makes it so Efficient?

Everyone can identify the powerful scent from garlic when it is smashed or sliced, and this is generated from the allicin. This happens because alliinase, a prominent enzyme, is released when it’s exposed to heat, oxygen and water. In fact, it’s the sulfuric properties of diallyl trisulfide, DADS and allicin that make garlic beneficial to our health. You should also understand that raw garlic gives you more allicin. So when garlic is cooked, the amount of allicin reduces.

Why is garlic so competent with preventing hypertension? Indeed, experts still aren’t positive on why garlic is so effective. With some of the studies done, the suggestions are that garlic increases the dilation of the blood vessels, and that it can halt the digestive system from changing fat into cholesterol. What we do understand is that garlic is a natural way to reduce blood pressure.

Adding garlic to your food is simple. Just slice it, dice it or grind it and let it stand for 10 minutes. Then you can throw the raw garlic in for your cooked food. It’s suggested that you can eat one-half to one full clove a day to prevent hypertension, but remember, eating an excess amount of garlic does have side effects, so consult your physician before doing so.