Garlic Throughout the Ages

Garlic has been utilized for millennia, throughout many different civilizations. It was even discovered in Greek temples and Egyptian pyramids. Early records of history mention garlic as well. Garlic was looked at as a great way to heal many issues in Egypt, India and China. Coughs, toothaches, bug bites, arthritis and the occasional vampire were no match for garlic remedies. The use of garlic as a remedy carried through to the medieval era, and became a standard way to treat for lots of different ailments. Even with advanced medical technology, garlic is used as a healer for various issues.

Harvesting Garlic

Garlic is a simple crop to grow and it grows all year in climates that are mild. When mature, garlic plants can reach up to four feet high. There’s typically 10-20 cloves in one head. Allicin, a compound inside garlic, is what makes it such an excellent healing agent. If crushed or chopped, Garlic releases Allicin. In addition to its healing potential, garlic is typically known as a great method to add flavor many different dishes. Everybody loves garlic these days, but it was not always this beloved in North America as it is currently. In England many years ago, garlic was generally only utilized as a way to treat ailments, and was rarely used for cooking. Lucky for us, garlic is now widely added to food though it took nearly three hundred years to get more popular. The next instance you have a dish with garlic, take a moment to think about its legendary history.