From Medicine to Meals: Garlic’s Spicy Past

Garlic has been used for thousands of years, throughout many different cultures. Garlic was even found in Greek temples and Egyptian pyramids. Some of the earliest historical records have record of garlic too. Garlic was noted as a great way to heal many ailments in Egypt, India and China. Garlic has been noted as a way to fix with arthritis, toothaches, coughs, insect bites and maybe even an annoying vampire. The use of garlic as a remedy carried on into medieval times, becoming a standard treatment for many various health problems. Even today with modern medical technology, garlic is used as a natural remedy for many problems.

Growing Garlic

Garlic is a simple plant to cultivate and can be grown year round in climates that are mild. It can reach upwards of four feet when mature and is a member of the bulbous family. A garlic head generally contains 10-20 cloves. Allicin, a compound found in garlic, is what makes it such an excellent healing agent. If crushed or chopped, Garlic releases Allicin. Along with its healing capabilities, garlic is best known as a great method to add flavor lots of various recipes. Though, here in North America, garlic was not always as loved as it is currently. English people rarely used garlic for any uses other than a way to treat illnesses and carried that idea with them when they traveled North America. Lucky for us, garlic is currently used in meals although it took nearly 300 years to become popular. The next moment you take a bite of something deliciously garlic-y, find a minute to think about the journey it took to get on your dish.