The Spicy History behind Garlic

Garlic has been used for thousands of years, across various different cultures. It was even discovered in Egyptian pyramids and Greek temples. Early historical records write about garlic as well. Those in India, China and Egypt each used garlic as a remedy. Garlic was known as a method for fixing with arthritis, toothaches, coughs, insect bites and perhaps even a vampire or two. The use of garlic as a type of medicine continued into medieval times, becoming a widely used way to address for lots of various health issues. And even today, its use as a folk medicine continues.

Garlic Today

Garlic is able to be cultivated all year long and is simple to grow. It can reach upwards of 4 feet at maturity and is part of the bulbous family. A garlic head generally has 10-20 cloves . Allicin, a compound that’s in garlic, is the element that makes it such a great healer. If crushed or chopped, Garlic lets out Allicin. Along with its healing potential, garlic adds flavor to just about any recipe. We love garlic now, but it was not always as popular in America as it is today. English cooks very rarely used garlic for anything other than a medicine and brought that attitude with them at the time they traveled America. Lucky for us, garlic is currently added to food though it took nearly 300 years to become popular. The next moment you take a bite of something deliciously garlic-y, take a minute to remember how it got on your dish.