The Spicy History of Garlic

Garlic has been utilized for millennia, across numerous different cultures. And, the first records indicate garlic’s importance and it was even found in Greek temples and Egyptian pyramids. Many people in India, China and Egypt all utilized garlic as a remedy. Garlic has been noted as a way to help with arthritis, toothaches, coughs, bug bites and perhaps even a pesky vampire. The use of garlic as a type of medicine continued through to medieval times, and became a standard way to address for many various health issues. Even now with advanced medicine, garlic is used as a healer for lots of issues.

How Garlic’s Used Today

Garlic is able to be cultivated all year long and is straightforward to grow. It can grow upwards of four feet when mature and is a member of the bulbous family. A garlic head typically contains 10-20 cloves. Allicin, a compound found inside garlic, is the element that makes it great at healing. Allicin is created when fresh garlic is chopped or crushed. In addition to its healing properties, garlic creates more flavor in pretty much any dish. Everybody loves garlic today, but it wasn’t always this widespread in America as it is now. English folks rarely utilized garlic for any uses other than a folk medicine and carried that idea with them when they moved to America. Fortunately, garlic is now widely added to food although it took nearly 300 years to become more popular. The next moment you eat something delectably garlic-y, take a minute to remember how it got on your dish.