Garlic: From Medicine to Meals

For millennia and throughout lots of civilizations, garlic has been utilized for healing and flavor. It was even found in Greek temples and Egyptian pyramids. Old records of history have record of garlic too. People in China, India and Egypt all utilized it for healing. Arthritis, toothaches, coughs, bug bites and maybe even a vampire were no match for garlic remedies. It developed into a widely used way to treat a large scope of health dilemmas in the medieval era. Even with current medicine, garlic is used as a natural remedy for various problems.

Garlic Today

Garlic can be grown all year long and is straightforward to grow. When fully grown, garlic plants can grow up to 4 feet tall. One garlic head generally contains 10-20 cloves. Allicin, a compound in garlic, is what makes it great at healing. If crushed or chopped, Garlic releases Allicin. Along with its healing capabilities, garlic creates more flavor in pretty much any recipe. Everybody loves garlic these days, but it was not always as beloved in The US as it is now. In old England, garlic was generally only utilized as a way to treat ailments, and was rarely used for cooking. It took just about 300 years for garlic to become more common but lucky for us it’s everywhere now. The next time you eat something delectably full of garlic, take a moment to remember how it got on your plate.