Garlic’s Spicy Past

For millennia and throughout lots of ancient civilizations, garlic has been utilized to add flavor to food and to heal. It was even found in Greek temples and Egyptian pyramids. Early historical records have record of garlic as well. Many people in India, China and Egypt all utilized garlic as a remedy. Garlic was known as a way to remedy with toothaches, coughs, arthritis, bug bites and perhaps even an annoying vampire. It became a common treatment for a wide scope of health dilemmas in the medieval era. Even now with current medicine, garlic is used as a healer for many health problems.

Garlic’s Current Uses

Garlic is an easy crop to grow and it grows year round in mild climates. When mature, garlic plants can grow up to 4 feet high. One garlic head typically contains ten to twenty cloves. The thing that makes garlic so successful at healing is Allicin, a compound that’s in garlic. When chopped or crushed, Garlic lets out Allicin. Along with its healing capabilities, garlic creates more flavor in just about any recipe. We love garlic today, but it wasn’t always this widespread in The US as it is today. English people very rarely utilized garlic for anything besides a way to treat illnesses and carried that viewpoint with them at the time they traveled The US. It took just about three hundred years for garlic to become more widely used but lucky for us it is added to food everywhere. The next time you have a dish that’s flavored with garlic, take a moment to consider its long history.