Go With Garlic

Why should you use extracts and capsules to get garlic’s health benefits since you can just add it to your food instead?! Adding garlic to your meals can help your health and your tastebuds. Garlic is low in calories but is a heavyweight in the health and taste departments. Garlic is also low calorie; a typical serving size of garlic has only 12 calories. Savory dinners of all kinds profit from a garlic addition. Add garlic to your food by using paste, powder or oils, and it’s delicious in any form.

Although it is flavorful when heated, its health properties are the best when garlic is consumed fresh. When garlic is chopped or crushed, garlic’s active compound allicin is activated. When garlic is cooked at a temperature over 140, allicin isn’t as potent, as are its healing properties. The most effective way to get the health benefits contained in garlic are to consume it raw after slicing and letting it stand in the air. This is the best way to ensure you’re consuming as much allicin as possible.

Consuming Raw Garlic

100 grams of fresh garlic has about two grams of fiber in addition to Vitamins B and C. Garlic’s allicin reaction is increased if you eat it fresh about 15 minutes after cutting or crushing it. A simple way to get fresh garlic in your meals is to whip up an oil or sauce from it. Olive oil flavored with garlic can be used as a salad dressing, dip for bread or a condiment for subs. Aioli is one more delicious way to get fresh garlic into your meals. Oil, eggs and garlic blend to create a dipping sauce or condiment which goes well with nearly any type of food. Add it to paninis, dunk veggies in it or try it as a ketchup alternative on your fries in order to get a delicious, good for you treat.