Go With Garlic

Garlic’s health benefits can be found through consuming capsules and extracts, but why do that since you can simply add it to your food?! Putting garlic in your dishes assists your tastebuds and your health. Garlic is low in calories but is a heavyweight in the flavor and health zones. Fortunately for those who enjoy it, garlic serving sizes typically range from one to three cloves per person, each clove has only 4 calories. Savory dinners of all types can benefit from a garlic addition. Garlic can be used in meals while raw or in paste, oil or powder, powder, oil or paste form and is very delicious in any form.

There isn’t anything like the aroma of garlic cooking, however, the most effective way to get garlic’s healthy benefits are to consume it raw. Allicin, the active enzyme in garlic, is activated when garlic is cut and digested raw. When garlic is cooked at a temperature higher than 140 degrees, allicin isn’t as effective, as well as garlic’s healing possibilities. The best way to get garlic’s health benefits are to eat it raw after cutting and allowing it to sit in the air. This will ensure that you’re eating the most allicin possible when eating garlic.

The Fresh Garlic Recipes

One hundred grams of raw garlic has Vitamins B and C as well as 2 grams of fiber. Garlic’s allicin reaction is enhanced when you consume it raw around 15 minutes after slicing or crushing it. A straightforward way to get raw garlic in your food is to whip up an oil or sauce out of it. Soak a baguette in olive oil infused with garlic, or add it to salad dressing or on a sandwich. One more perfect way to bring raw garlic to your meal is to craft aioli out of it. Eggs, oil and garlic combine to make a sauce or spread which blends very well with pretty much anything. Add it to paninis, dunk vegetables in it or use it as a ketchup alternative on your burger in order to get a healthy, tasty treat.