Complement Your Dish With Garlic

Why use capsules and extracts to get garlic’s health benefits when you can add it to your food instead?! Garlic is a great addition to your food both due to the flavor it has and its health benefits. Garlic has few calories but is a heavyweight in the health and flavor departments. Fortunately for those of us who love it, serving sizes for garlic typically vary from 1 to 3 cloves of garlic per person, each clove has just 4 calories. Savory dishes of any kind can benefit from a garlic addition. It can be added to meals if it’s fresh or in paste, oil or powder, powder, oil or paste form and is very easy to enjoy in any form.

There isn’t anything like the aroma of garlic cooking, but the best way to get garlic’s health benefits are actually to eat it raw. Allicin, the garlic’s active enzyme, is triggered when it’s cut and eaten raw. Although it’s flavorful when roasted, the allicin is not as potent if heated over 140 degrees fahrenheit. To get the most out of your meal, let garlic become exposed to the air for at least ten minutes after crushing or cutting it and eat it raw. This will ensure that you’re getting the as much allicin as possible when you consume garlic.

Most Effective

One hundred grams of fresh garlic has Vitamins B and C in addition to two g of fiber. Garlic’s allicin reaction is enhanced if you consume it fresh around 15 minutes after crushing or cutting it. An easy way to get fresh garlic into your diet is to create an oil or sauce from it. Dunk bread in garlic flavored olive oil, or add it to salad dressing or on a sandwich. One more great method to bring fresh garlic into your meal is to make some aioli from it. Garlic, eggs and oil mix to create a dipping sauce or condiment that pairs well with pretty much any type of food. Try this tasty treat on subs, as a dipping sauce for vegetables or maybe as a ketchup alternative for fries.