A Tasty Culinary Addition

You can get garlic’s health benefits through swallowing capsules and extracts, but why would you do that since you can just eat it?! It’s is an incredible addition to meals both due to its taste and its health benefits. The taste of your food and its dietary value can both benefit from adding garlic. Garlic is also low cal; an average helping of garlic contains just 12 calories. Garlic is a stellar addition to all savory meals. Garlic can be added to dishes when it’s fresh or in oil, powder or paste form and it is delicious in all these forms.

There isn’t anything else like the aroma of garlic cooking, though the most efficient method for getting garlic’s healing properties are actually to use it when raw. Allicin, the active compound in garlic, is present when it’s crushed or chopped and digested when raw. When garlic is heated at a temperature higher than 140 degrees, allicin isn’t as potent, as well as garlic’s healing capabilities. To get the most out of your meal, let garlic become exposed to the air around it for more than 10 minutes after crushing or cutting it and consume it when raw. This is the best way to ensure you are digesting as much allicin as possible.

The Most Effective

One hundred grams of raw garlic has nearly two grams of fiber in addition to Vitamins C and B. Garlic’s allicin reaction is boosted if you eat it raw about 15 minutes after slicing or crushing it. A straightforward means for getting raw garlic in your food is to make an oil or sauce out of it. Olive oil flavored with garlic can be used as a dressing on salad, dip for crusty bread or a spread for subs. One more excellent technique to introduce raw garlic to your diet is to create some aioli out of it. Garlic, eggs and oil combine to create a sauce or spread that blends very well with just about any type of food. Eat this tasty treat on paninis, as a dip for cut veggies or maybe as an alternative to ketchup on fries.