Garlic: Tasty and Healthy

Why should you use extracts and capsules to get garlic’s health benefits if you can simply eat it?! Garlic is an incredible addition to your food both because of the taste it has and its health benefits. The taste of your meal and your food’s dietary value can both increase if you add garlic to your food. Luckily for the people who enjoy it, serving sizes for garlic typically vary from 1 to 3 garlic cloves per person, each clove contains just 4 calories each. Savory meals of all types can gain from an addition of garlic. Add garlic to your meals by adding paste, powder or oils, and it tastes great in all these forms.

Though it is flavorful when heated, its healthy traits are best when consumed without cooking. When chopped or crushed, garlic’s active compound allicin is activated. Even though it’s delicious when roasted, garlic’s allicin is not as potent when heated above 140 degrees. To get the most bang for your buck, let garlic become exposed to the air for more than ten minutes after crushing or cutting it and eat it raw. This is the best way to ensure you are digesting as much allicin as possible.

Best Methods for Consuming Raw Garlic

One hundred grams of raw garlic has Vitamins C and B and 2 g of fiber. Garlic’s allicin reaction is boosted when you consume it raw about fifteen minutes after slicing or crushing it. Oils and sauces are great ways to put raw garlic into your meals. Dip crusty bread in garlic flavored olive oil, or use it in salad dressing or as a sandwich spread. One more excellent method to bring raw garlic into your meal is to create some aioli out of it. This tasty sauce is made from eggs, garlic and oil and it blends well with nearly anything. Eat this delicious treat on sandwiches, as a dip for veggies or maybe as an alternative to ketchup on top of fries.