Garlic Butter Health Benefits

health benefits of garlic

Through the centuries, garlic has remained a staple in the kitchen because of its sharp taste and well-known health benefits. It explains why people have found the health benefits of garlic butter to have boosted their immune system and provided them with much needed nutritional value. Garlic is part of the shallot, leek and onion family, so it’s a popular ingredient in various cooking recipes. In addition, to its delicious taste, many cultures around the world have used garlic compounds and supplements to combat illness. Garlic butter is all the rage among foodies who want an all-natural additive that will enhance flavor and boost their body’s resilience.

Because of garlic butter health benefits, it has been praised as a must-have in your traditional family favorites. The health properties come from garlic that’s been freshly chopped and releases antioxidants. When eaten, sulfur compounds like allicin and diallyl, are absorbed into the digestive tract and transmitted to the rest of the body.

How is Garlic Beneficial?

There have been studies that clearly show that the health benefits of garlic for men and women are contributors to the reduction of certain sicknesses. For example, garlic supplements help individuals to get rid of colds, lower cholesterol and decrease their risk of heart disease. So much so, that under certain circumstances, the right dose can work just as well as regular medicine for the same ailment. For so many people searching for solutions, the health benefits of garlic butter are a great discovery, since it’s an easy way to include it in their diet.

Another garlic butter health benefit is the fact that it is highly nutritious while remaining relatively low calorie. There are a wide variety of vitamins and minerals found in garlic, including selenium, vitamin C and manganese. Because of this and its other antioxidant compounds, garlic health benefits for women and men can help reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Get Your Butter On

Take advantage of the health benefits of garlic by consuming it more often. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding garlic butter to your food and reaping its savory taste too. There is a multitude of recipes to choose from that will suit your dietary preferences and restrictions. We’ve compiled our own favorites for you to browse through here. Or, find a store near you and buy your own tub of garlic butter today.