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"Everyone knows that garlic tastes great but have you ever thought about why we started using it? Garlic’s history is longer than you think."

Garlic: From Medicine to Meals

For thousands of years and throughout numerous cultures, garlic has been utilized to add flavor to food and to heal. And, the first historical records mention garlic and it was even discovered in Egyptian pyramids and Greek temples. Garlic was noted as a great way to heal many health problems in China, India and Egypt. Garlic was known as a method for fixing with toothaches, coughs, arthritis, bug bites and maybe even a vampire or two. It became a widely used treatment for a huge scope of health dilemmas during medieval times. And even now, its use as a folk medicine continues.

Harvesting Garlic

Garlic is able to be harvested all 12 months and is simple to grow. When mature, garlic plants can reach up to 4 feet high. A head of garlic typically contains 10-20 cloves. The thing that makes garlic so successful at healing is Allicin, a compound found in garlic. When chopped or crushed, Garlic lets out Allicin. In addition to its healing properties, garlic is widely known as a flavorful addition to many different meals. Though, here in America, garlic wasn’t always as loved as it is now. English folks very rarely utilized garlic for anything other than a way to treat illnesses and brought that idea with them at the time they traveled America. It took nearly 300 years for garlic to become more common but luckily it is added to food everywhere. The next day you have a dish that’s flavored with garlic, take a chance to think about its legendary past.